Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Picking a flower

Sometimes when we are tired of being in the house or chasing Luca outside, we plop Luca onto Ian's bike and the two of them go for a ride.  She instantly relaxes.  When she sees the helmets come out from inside the house, she runs and signs (and attempts to say) bike!  She clearly loves this quiet time with her Daddy.

Earlier in the week with Luca not feeling well, we decided to provide a distraction through a short bike ride.  I stayed home and cleaned some stuff up while the two of them were out.  In the middle of cleaning, I heard the pitter-patter of her running down the hall and saying "Ma?  Mama! MA!" She found me and in her hand was a single flower.  Massive grin on her face.  Signing "flower" while she handed it to me.  I thanked her and gave her a hug.  She was so proud of herself.

After handing me the flower, Ian explained that she had picked the flower about 2 miles from the house and refused to let him carry it on the ride back.  Instead, she sat in her bike seat with her helmet on, grasping the single flower to bring home to me.

Melt my heart, little girl.  The simple joys of picking a flower and giving it to someone.  It certainly brightened my day.

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