Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 29: Croup, again

My sweet girl was up a couple times overnight needing some snuggling in order to sleep.  I was suspicious that maybe she was getting sick because she does not normally wake overnight.  Then in the wee hours this morning I heard her coughing while sleeping.

We woke up to her cough sounding croupy...again.  We made a trip to her pediatrician's office this morning to get on top of this so we do not end up in the ER again.  This round of croup has not brought a fever with it like last time...but her poor voice sounds so mechanical it is pitiful.

I did not want her napping alone so I brought her into our bed to lay down.  If you know Luca at all, you know she only sleeps in her bed and that all attempts to have her sleep with us have failed (we do not want her sleeping with us, but it would make sick nights a bit easier to have her in our bed).  I guess she was feeling pretty crappy because after a little bit, I looked down and found this...

I gently moved her to the middle of our bed and watched her chest rise and fall.  There is something about watching your child sleep that brings such joy.  It is often in those quiet moments that I am overwhelmed with gratitude and my heart swells with love.  It was so peaceful watching her today that I dozed off for a little bit with her.

Hopefully this round of croup passes quickly.  In the meantime, I am enjoying these cuddly moments with my baby.

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  1. Again? Oh man. We have had it twice in the last 6 months too. And how strange, Corrigan is the same as Luca in that it is HIS bed or nothing...unless he is sick and he has to be REALLY sick to want to crawl in with us. Like you, I don't want to encourage it, but he is NOT a snuggler, no way no how, and I hate that the only cuddles and quiet time I get with him are when he is unwell. Hope Luca shakes the croup really quickly and that the fever stays at bay. We had no fevers the first croup this year, then crazy fevers this last time, I never know. Thinking of you!


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