Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 26: Monday, Monday

As we eat Thanksgiving with a big group, we do not always get a lot of turkey leftovers.  One of my favorite for leftovers is to be able to have turkey sandwiches.

Today has been one of those Mondays.  Both Luca and Tessa are craving all of my attention because they have had so much attention from family over the long weekend. One of those days where I feel like no matter how much I do, I have to back track and redo it because between Luca and Tessa, one of them destroys what I just did.

I swear this story will all tie together.

I roasted a turkey breast today to have for sandwiches and salads this week.  While prepping it, Luca screamed and head-butted my legs, trying to get me to move away from the turkey and pay attention to her.  I just focused on getting done what I needed to, and get that turkey in the oven so I could stop listening to the screaming.

When the turkey was done and resting on the counter, I had therapy with Luca.  I heard Tessa making a noise in the kitchen and went running - she was counter surfing for turkey.  I caught her just before she got to it.

After therapy, I carved the turkey to put it away so Tessa would stop being tempted by it.  All done carving, and look down to see Luca has taken a roll of parchment paper and unraveled it throughout the entire house.

Seriously?  Can't one of them just sit and behave?  One of those Mondays.  Is it 6pm yet?

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  1. Sounds like you need a big glass of wine and some quiet time to put your feet up!

    PS. the turkey sandwiches are my favorite too, I am always bummed when I don't have a ton leftover!


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