Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Treats for Daddy

Ian leaves his work bag by one of our front doors (we have two), which is also part of Luca's playroom.  Occasionally he will get to work and open his bag to pull out his laptop, and find a treat that Luca put into his bag without either of us knowing.  A lot of times it is a toy, a granola bar, or even a pacifier.

Not yesterday.  Yesterday, I got a call from Ian.  It went something like this:

Ian - I think our daughter is a bit confused.
Me - Why?  What do you mean?
Ian - I went into a meeting first thing this morning and opened my bag.  Apparently Luca thought I needed some feminine products.  As I pulled out my laptop, two tampons came flying out onto the chair.

Hahahaaaaa.  Ohhhh, Luca.


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