Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Question Wednesday

I want this blog to be more interactive.  So here is where you come in, my dear readers.  After Friday's short interview, some people there had questions about Luca's story, our life, etc.  Let's try some question and answer posts.  Maybe you have questions about something related to Luca, or me as a mom who is on break from law school, or our family.  You can leave a question on this post, or email me your question to frommagerkstoidos[at]gmail[dot]com.  I will then post the questions and answers here.  I realize this could be a complete fail if nobody indeed has any questions.  I know that I am hesitant sometimes to let someone know I read his/her blog.  I am not sure why I feel that way but I do sometimes, especially if I know the person in real life but am not close with that person.  I am encouraging you to ask your questions, even if you feel hesitant.  You may even post anonymously in the comments section.  It is a dreary day here and I want some distractions since we will be inside all day.  Anddddd, go!


  1. oooh I have one! I know where you lived when Luca was diagnosed, and I know there was a hospital in that area that could have taken her (our team is there) yet you guys ended up at hospital 2 instead. I must have missed the story of why that happened. I am glad it all worked out, hospital 2 is an AWESOME facility, but I wonder why they didn't transfer you back to the closer hospital so you didn't have to commute or move. Or am I all confused? ha. Totally possible. ( I tried this Q&A once, no one asked me any...bummer)

  2. Definitely a question I have avoided but not for long! I am working on an answer today. Thanks for the question, Mindy! I must have missed your question/answer day. I totally have questions I could have asked!


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