Monday, October 1, 2012

Family weekend

We are having a case of the Mondays.  So to stay positive, I am going to think of our weekend.  This picture pretty much sums up our weekend.

Luca and her cousin are just three months apart.  They got along beautifully.  Her cousin called her "Gooca" and it seemed like their personalities were a good fit for playing.  He loves to be wild and make her laugh, and she is content watching, observing, sharing all of her stuff with him, and laughing at his goofiness.  They shared lots of hugs and kisses.  They climbed all over the adults.  They held hands on a big walk.  They took a bath together at the end of the day.

It was so fascinating to see the gender differences.  He is total boy, and she is total girl.  He is rugged and throws and runs fast.  She is content to go at her own pace, read her books, and loves carrying her baby doll.  The funny thing is that I never thought of her as girly until this weekend when I saw the difference.  We encourage her to be rugged, play sports, and do not particularly buy into the fact that a certain gender must play with gender specific items.  But despite that, she still has less preference for items that are typically associated as boy items.  She has a soccer ball and sporty items, but just does not show very much interest in them.  He played with her dollhouse and pushed her baby doll in the stroller, but only for a limited time.

Hopefully with Luca being a bit more stable, we can have more family fun weekends to let these two play together.  Just looking at that picture makes me long for more weekends watching these two grow up (and soon, a new boy cousin will be making his debut and can join in the fun).

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