Monday, September 3, 2012

Our morning coffee ritual

Almost every morning, I ask Luca if she wants to help make my coffee.  She enthusiastically makes a noise to let me know YES.  I heat milk in a mug and we wait for the microwave to beep.  Often, she is waiting next to me giggling in excitement.  When it does beep, I take my mug and set it in the slot in my keurig.  I pick her up and sit her on the counter next to the keurig.  She lifts the handle, removes the previous used k-cup, grabs a new one and puts it in, and closes the lid.  I show her which water button to push and voila, my coffee is made.  While it brews, I set her down and she runs and puts the old k-cup in the trashcan.

I love these little rituals we have established.  It is these little moments of her showing us such understanding, independence, and excitement at the littlest things that bring a smile to my face.

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