Thursday, January 19, 2012

The latest in photos

Picture story time - all about Luca.

Remember I called Luca the cling-monster?  Well I snapped photos of her as she chased me down screaming.  This was one of those photos.  (And look at the size of those chompers that came in recently!)

Luca is obsessed with bagels - she does not exactly eat them , but loves chewing on them.  Here she is in action.

A smile on the run.

Another recent interest - she likes trying on our shoes.

And yet another new interest - carrying around a clean diaper.  You can find her throughout the day carrying around a diaper, sitting with a diaper, etc.  Weird kid.

One of her Christmas presents was this home.  She loves opening up this window to see us.

We had a gorgeous day last week so I took her to the playground, where she face planted into the mud.  She did not cry, and I took her back to the car to clean off her face, but not before snapping a photo!


This kid loves the swing!  She had no fear whatsoever, and the higher we pushed her, the more she squealed with delight.

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