Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not a wordless Wednesday

Lots of random tidbits today.
  • Here's a video of Luca walking.  She started walking unassisted a couple weeks ago but it was never for very far, and I was always too closeby her (in case she fell) to take a video of it.  Now that she is walking with a bit more confidence, and I, too, have more confidence in her walking, I finally captured it. 

  • I made Saltine Toffee Cookies and was planning on packaging them up in small containers for some various people.  But, seeing as I ate a lot of it, it looks like I will have to make another batch, and then quickly package it up before I eat anymore.
  • Ian and I dress Luca in comfortable outfits.  And often, they are some crazy outfits.  I often wonder what people think when they see her out in public.  Half the time she looks like a hot mess.  But she is comfy and happy, and I cannot keep up with the amount of laundry she goes through so it normally means that the matching pants or onesie or sweater is dirty.  Oh well!
  • We sent about 80 Christmas cards this year.  Obviously, we included some people who we are not that close with, mostly because some of these people have been amazingly generous with thoughts or prayers or tokens for Luca or us over the past year.  I sent them a Christmas card with a little note saying thanks.  I was not expecting anything in return.  But we have received probably 20 Christmas cards back from these various people since they received our card.  It was very clear after receiving about 10, that people had already sent out their cards and received ours and felt bad that they had not sent one to us, so they quickly sent one out to us.  It is absolutely sweet of them, but now I feel bad that they felt bad that we had not gotten a card from them.  The circle of guilt continues I guess.
  • A close family friend passed away this morning.  It was certainly expected, but watching his family in pain is so devastating.  And it always amazes me how many people die around Christmas time.  I kind of like to think that people let go around this time because of the spirit and peace that this holiday brings.
  • We have no scheduled admissions coming up because finally, Luca is free of all drains in her bile ducts.  As long as her labs stay stable, and she shows no symptoms of biliary issues, they will remove her PICC line in the next month and we will return to the hospital for labs and checkups only.  To get to this place has taken a lot of hardwork, heartache, tears, prayers.  And holy moly, I am so looking forward to giving my girl a bath when that PICC comes out!  Thanking God for the progress.
  • I thought we had all of our Christmas shopping finished until we wrapped everything last night and I realized we need a few more things for people.  I plan on finishing up today or tomorrow...nothing like some last minute shopping.

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  1. No more PICC line would be a great way to start 2012!


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