Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A first cold

Several months ago, I thought Luca had a cold at the time she also was teething her first two chompers.  Boy was I wrong.

Luca started 9 days ago with a runny nose, and sneezed about 50 times throughout the day.  She officially had her first cold at 14 months old.  I consider ourselves very fortunate that we made it this long without a cold.

She also was scheduled for a biliary procedure on Friday.  We always are admitted into the hospital the night before her procedures for IV antibiotics (as a precaution for the procedure) and since she has to be NPO (no food or drink for 8 hours prior to procedure), she gets IV fluids overnight.  I spoke with the hospital on day 2 of the cold to find out if the procedure would happen with the cold.  I was told it would be a game day decision.  Thursday night when we arrived, I personally thought it was not going to happen.  I knew that with a cold, that putting her under sedation meds would probably not be wise.

We had a very rough night at the hospital - Luca not only did not feel well, but had the usual hospital interruptions.  The combination made sleep virtually impossible.  Whereas at home, she normally sleeps for about 11-13 hours at night, she got just under 3 hours.

By Friday morning when the sedation team came to see her, she sounded horrible.  The procedure would have to be postponed.

We were discharged that afternoon.  We had not made it out of the parking lot when I looked back and saw that she was already asleep in her carseat.  Ian and I felt exhausted.  We had not slept either, and both had just started with symptoms of Luca's cold.

Oh boy, our first family cold!

Luca is not normally a cuddly baby.  When we got home, we let her nap for 2.5 hours and then got her up so that she would sleep well that night.  We brought her out to the TV room and all she wanted to do was snuggle.  She just laid in our arms, zoning out watching TV (NOTE - she does not watch much tv - but we made an exception and just let her stay with us watching TV).   We both took advantage of her wanting to snuggle.  She did not make it long out with us, and fell asleep quickly.  Then, Ian followed suit.

I gathered up some energy to find my camera and snap a photo of my two loves asleep.

I was in heaven with my snuggly matter how tired I felt or looked (Look at those bags under my eyes...yikes!  And my crazy hair from sleeping at the hospital and not showering that morn!)

Look at her little hand still holding onto her paci...

Luca is acting much better, but her cough is worse.  I took her to the hospital yesterday to get checked and apparently this cold has been lingering a little too long in her chest - which creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow.  We have her home on antibiotics for a minor upper respiratory infection.  Let's hope we finally kick this cold!

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  1. Poor baby and poor mommy and daddy! I hope everyone gets healthy really quickly!
    I cannot believe how much she has grown! Beautiful little lady!


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