Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our last night

Tonight is our last night in this house.  We have so many memories here.  We hosted holidays here with family.  We hosted many parties here with friends.  We grew up and grew into our marriage here.  It was the first house we moved into as a married couple.  I started law school here.

I became pregnant here and have so many memories during that pregnancy in this house.  It is where we came home to when Luca was hospitalized.  And ultimately, although later than expected, we brought her home here.  It was her first home.

We made great friends out of neighbors here.  We are close in distance to so many friends and I am sad we will be farther away.

I am so very excited for this next house.  But I am surprised by the sadness I feel at leaving this house.  And I am especially surprised that I could grow attached to a rental.  I guess it is because we made this rental a true home for over 3 years.  It seems silly to be sad about it but it almost feels like we are letting go of some memories by leaving this place.  Not logical - I know.  But I do not want to lose the good and bad that has happened while we've lived here.

I am sure when all of our belongings have been moved out, and the house is empty, it will feel exactly that to be in it - empty.  And when we set up our new house, and I can hear Luca's giggles and squeals and cries, and Ian next to me telling me about his day, I know I will be home again.

Here's to making so many amazing memories in our new home!

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