Monday, September 19, 2011


I have been packing any free moment I can.  But as soon as I pack, for example, a suitcase full of clothes, I turn back around to find that Luca has taken out every single piece of clothing.  I sigh, and smile at the same time.  More work for me - but too adorable to ignore the joy in it.

Until I get some real time to blog, here are some recent photos.  Note the line across her forehead - she had a little mishap thinking she was more mobile than she is, and had a massive knot and bruise for several weeks.  The line is what the mishap left behind - her doctor said it will take a couple months to completely go away.  Another note - look at the curls starting to form!  That one front piece ends up in the middle of her forehead about 1000 times per day.

 See the curl in this next one!

 This next one makes my heart melt.


  1. Just when I think Luca can't be anymore breathtaking, your pics prove me wrong...

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures. And it is weird to be jealous of a baby's hair? Her hair is too cute for words right now. And that picture of her with her hand against the window? UGH. (Sorry I'm gushing so much over here)

    You should really make a Shutterfly (or whatever photo site) book of these pictures.


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