Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A topic I normally do not touch

I normally stay away from all political talk.  I have my own opinions about things but do not strictly follow one party or another.  I vote for who I think will do best, not for a specific party.  Some may call this approach wishy-washy, but it works for me so that is what I do.

Last night's presidential address, and the response to it, has hit me hard.  I felt like Obama went through the pros and cons of things, and pushed for his plan with reasons.  I felt like the response from Boehner was prepared before he heard Obama's talk, and his response failed to address arguments that Obama raised.  I felt like Boehner was just bashing the President, versus addressing and arguing the issues.  I just wish they each had stuck to the facts and argued their side without getting ugly.

Did anyone else feel this way?

Regardless of who you support, our government needs to get their act together.  At the end of the day, I think an agreement needs to be made, and at this late in the game, it will only happen through compromise.


  1. I don't believe your are wishy-washy for the way you do things but maybe that is because I am like you. I think it's more important for you to be educated on each party's pick and then vote on who you think will do the best for your country instead of just voting for your party. I didn't get to watch last night but what you said sounds typical of any political thing right now. Everyone has to pull the dirt out instead of talking about the issues. It's like glorified high school drama. I think that the government needs to get off their high horses and do what is right for the country and stop just looking out for themselves. I try not to talk to many people about this either because it normally just ends up into a huge argument. Thank you for taking the chance and sharing your opinion.

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