Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Weekend Recap

I started this post over a week ago - life has been mundanely busy!

Luca's birthday party was simply perfect.  We would have liked to have included so many people that have thought of and prayed for Luca over the past year - but we needed to keep is small to limit the germs she was exposed to, and as to not overwhelm her.  I have hope that there will be times for more get-togethers to thank those who have been so gracious and generous over the past year.

So, here are some pictures of her birthday weekend!  I am going to split them into two posts because I just have so many.  This post will include pictures from her actual birthday, and the decorations from her birthday party.  In my next post will be more pictures from her party - of the birthday girl in her awesome birthday outfit.

We started the day by getting her into her birthday outfit, and opening presents.  She was quite serious through the present opening.  But she liked ripping the paper off of the presents we got her and has loved  playing with her new toys.

Her clear favorite present of the day is the activity table she can stand and play with!

We ended the day (and seriously how sleepy does she look!) by singing happy birthday and blowing out her candle.  She then got her fingers dirty (which she hated) with icing and happened to get some icing in her mouth.  She protested by promptly vomiting.  I guess she is not into the sweets yet!

(Note that all pictures throughout the rest of this post were taken by my sister Beth.)

The next day, our dear friends hosted a birthday party at their home.  We had almost all of our family there, and many close friends.  Everyone got along well and truly celebrated.  The week before the party, I decided to come up with just a couple crafts to add some decor to the party.  Ian, the trooper that he is, put together the balloon wreath.  I think it turned out pretty awesome and looks so festive.  And the awesome thing - it was super cheap to make and can be reused every year for birthdays!

Then, I made these little cupcake toppers.  We had some mini cupcakes, regular cupcakes, and then a small cake for Luca (which of course she did not eat, so it was left for Ian and I to eat and was DELICIOUS!).

The hostess went and got this adorable table cloth with cupcakes and "Happy Birthday" on it.  It was perfect.  And of course, we had a party hat for when we sang happy birthday.

The dessert table included the cupcakes, cake, and chocolate covered fortune cookies (which were delicious).  

The hostess and I did not discuss ahead of time the colors or a theme for the party - but it all came together well and we happened to both go with bright colors with lots of hot pink and neon green.

Next post will be pictures of the little lady at her birthday party!


  1. What an awesome party. I'm so glad you planned one and it work out perfectly. I especially love the picture of her in her "one" onsie, the balloon wreath is very cool (how many balloons did that take?) and the smash cake is beautiful. That is funny that you ended up eating it. We ate Jay's too.
    Hope her party was everything you dreamed of.

  2. Beautiful first birthday party. You did a great job. I love the wreath. I am so glad you were hospital free that day and able to enjoy it.


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