Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A message to remember

A couple weeks ago, our neighbor asked to speak with me. We talk almost everyday so it was not a rare thing. Once I put Luca to sleep, I went over to their house. They asked if I had a handheld tape recorder. No, but why? He walked over to their small table and pushed a button on the answering machine. I knew what the message was going to be before it even started. Sunday, August 8th, 6:34am. It was the message I left them, asking them to get to church to start praying for Luca. That our baby girl was very sick and we needed all the prayers we could get. He wanted me to have a copy of the message so that Luca could listen to it one day. You can hear my agony in the message, and as I listened to myself cry in the message, full of desperation, I felt a tear pill over the side of my eyelid.

That message, while it was awful to hear, reminds me just how far we have come.  And that, that is something I never want to forget or take for granted.


  1. You have come such a long way, thanks to the vigilent parenting of you and Ian. I look back over a year of so many miracles when we could have lost Luca and we didn't. She has brought us all so much joy, in spite of the worry. I admire you and Ian so much for all you have done, for your perserverance, and the strength and love of your marriage with all the stress. It hasn't been an easy year, but I know you both feel it was worth every second. Luca is one lucky little girl to have picked you for her parents. It truly was a match made in heaven.
    May God continue to bless all three of you.

  2. I love the idea of saving that message and playing it for Luca when she's older.

    And can I just say you have one of the NICEST neighbors I've ever met! He truly cares about you guys and it was evident (and I was just grabbing your mail from him!!)

    You guys really have come so far.

  3. Love it. And love that your neighbor thought to save it for you and Luca.


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