Thursday, July 21, 2011

The role of stress on our bodies

You always hear people say that stress can really harm the body.  Stress increases chances of all types of diseases and illnesses.  I always have believed it.

Well, I have noticed since a year ago, how much my body has aged.  Looking at pictures, I criticize how I look in almost every picture.  I look like I have aged a few years.  My hair does not feel the same.  I have a lot more gray hair.  My skin is less consistent.  You can just see that this past year has taken its toll on my body.

About a week after Luca was born, I was already down to my pre-pregnancy weight.  But amazingly, as of a few weeks ago, I had not lost one additional pound.  Even though most of my pregnancy belly had gone bye-bye (although I still have that stupid kangaroo pouch).  And even more odd, is that even though I am at my pre-pregnancy weight, none of my clothes were fitting.  I've gone up sizes in both shirts and pants.  Shirts because of the boobage, pants because I am just bigger I guess.

But over the past 1.5 months, we have been home more.  I have been eating more consistently, making our own food.  And surprisingly, I have started shedding some pounds.  It is too hot out to go out with L for exercise - so I was surprised when I saw that I've lost about 8 pounds.

I guess all of those months in the hospital really did take a toll on me.  Although there is still stress at home, I think having Luca home has really relaxed me a lot, and I find so much more joy in my day to day life when she is home.

8 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight.  Hoping to continue feeling healthier so my clothes can get back to fitting!

And at the end of the day, my goal is to stay healthy so I can live out a long life as L's mama!

Have you ever noticed stress taking a toll on your body?

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  1. Oh I am the poster child for stress affecting my physical health. I carry it all in my shoulders and actually had to go to physical therapy a few years back because of it. I also get palpitations and completely lose my appetite. It's probably why I am 5 lbs below my pre pregnancy weight already at 5 months post partum! Being a mom (especially a first time mom) is stressful as it is, I can't imagine how I'd be acting dealing with what you guys have. The fact that you only have a few extra gray hairs is testament to how strong you are, in my opinion!


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