Monday, May 16, 2011

A break

Since Luca entered our world over 9 months ago, I have not taken much time for me.  Sure, I spend time away from her when she is in the hospital.  But it is normally to just go and sleep.

One thing that I have been needing was a haircut.  I got one about a month before Luca arrived...and had not had one since then.  It had been a whole TEN MONTHS!  Craziness.

My hair desperately needed a good conditioning, cut, and I wanted to brighten things up a bit.  So Saturday I took time to get it all done (thanks to my sister who treated me).  I got it majorly cut (about 5 inches off) and got highlights.  You would think it was enjoyable but honestly, I do not find getting my hair done a relaxing time.  I stress out and pick out anything that does not look quite right.  The highlights came out way too light so we fixed that (although I think I might have to go back again to get them toned down even more).  But it is done - and it needed to be.  Maybe I won't wait another 10 months to go back.

Sunday, I went bra shopping!  I had been dying to go to this specialty store who are supposed to be the bra experts.  One of my friends met me there and I am not kidding when I tell you that I felt like a new woman when I left that bra shop.  My ladies were lifted and my posture was better.  I was measured at the same size I had been wearing - but apparently I was wearing the straps incorrectly and it was making my ladies sag.  I walked into where we stay when Luca's in the hospital, and everyone commented on how different I looked.  A new woman, I tell you!  And if you are in the DC area, this is the store.

As nice as it was to take time for myself, it was back to reality when I walked into the hospital afterwards and stepped into my mom role, reviewing Luca's labs for the day and getting a daily report.  But, that's life.  Little moments of normalcy mixed into our crazy life!

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  1. Sorry your salon time was so stressful, but yay for new bras! It's amazing what they can do for a gal's self-esteem, right?


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