Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random thoughts on a Wednesday

  • I am tired of telling people that we've been admitted back into the hospital (and yes, we were admitted again on Monday)
  • I am STILL sore from my weekend workouts
  • I watched The Fighter over the weekend - it was really good
  • I feel guilty on a daily basis - this is a whole post that is a-coming
  • I love how open my relationship is with Ian - open enough that we can tell each other when the other person is driving us crazy
  • To occupy Luca, I sometimes turn music on in the kitchen, put her on my hip, and dance for an hour.  She loves it.  And so do I.
  • We get told on a daily basis that Luca looks like a Gerber baby.  I smile at the idea that Gerber, or any baby company would feature a baby with a massive scar on her belly.
  • I miss seeing friends in person.
  • I tried this recipe yesterday and have been wanting more ever since.
  • I've been using the site to edit our photos.  It is free and I have been super pleased with the way my pictures have turned out.
  • I have no idea what tomorrow brings, let alone what will happen in 1 month, 6 months, 1 year from now.  I have no idea whether I can go back to law school.  I have no idea whether we will still be in Baltimore.  All of that uncertainty scares me.

What are your random thoughts today?


  1. Hhmm - some random thoughts...

    - I really want some cake.
    - I really need to go activate my Groupon at The MAC but don't feel like it.
    - I'd love to see people but am too lazy to leave the house.
    - Will I ever be able to run for over an hour ever again?
    - My knees hurt.
    - My back hurts.
    - My maternity leave is more than halfway over and I don't want to go back to work.
    - I'm a bad friend.
    - I need to stop taking so many pictures of A sleeping.
    - I don't think I'm a good mom.

  2. I love your random thoughts!

    - I wish I liked more that garlicky baked shrimp thing would be great, if i wasn't terrified of shrimp!

    - I worry about my cholesterol every day

    - This week has been stressful, I would absolutely love nothing more than to sit on my front porch and smoke a cigarette or twelve.

    - I wore a dress today and can't understand why tights are so difficult. It's before 10am and I have a run already!

    - Cake...does sound good right now!

    - I regret taking three classes this semester with my new job. I am so in over my head!

    - Speaking of classes, I loathe JavaScript more than life itself.

  3. Okay, so here are my random thoughts:

    -ELMO, ELMO, ELMO (Heemie's second birthday is Sunday, so we are having an elmo party with the family on saturday)

    -It is too cold for the end of March

    -I hope Charlie Claire pulls through her surgery okay and that it is successful

    -I need some new shoes

    -I have three amazing kids...but do I give the girls enough attention when so much of our (Arfin & mine) energy is focused on Heemie and his medical issues

    -I can't believe it has been two years since I first heard the word UCD

    -(related to the previous)I am not the same person I was before Heemie was born

    -I hope the rain doesn't mess up my commute home today

    -I'm loving how much weight I have lost, but I still have more to lose...must keep motivated!!



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