Friday, November 19, 2010


Every time Friday rolls around, I think two things.  It's Friday already?! AND thank goodness!  Normally by Friday I'm exhausted from the week of being a SAHM. And I also look forward to the weekend of spending time just the three of us.

This weekend, also happens to be my birthday weekend (tomorrow to be exact).  I normally make a big hoopla about my birthday, but this year, I'm just excited it's falling on a Saturday and that I have my two loves to share it with.  But it is a big celebration - it's my first birthday as a mama, with this little lady.

 The eyes - they kill me.  And do you see her fat dimple on the left side?  Hilarious.

*These pics were taken by my sister.

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. L has such a beautiful smile! She seems like such a happy baby!

  2. So cute! I just want to pinch those cheeks! :)

    Have a great birthday!!!!


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