Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Monday

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I think this might be a weekly Monday post..random things!
  • I always heard from new moms that they don't have time to shower, or that they'd gone days without showering, and thought "ew - I will so shower the same when I'm a mom."  I laugh now at my stupidity for judging - seriously, it's an amazing day when I get to shower.
  • I have such a new appreciation for stay-at-home moms.  The only feedback I get is in the form of poopy diapers, crying, and smiles.  And I am INCREDIBLY BUSY all day long without really feeling like I accomplish anything.  The house looks the same, I wear the same clothes that I've slept in, and rarely leave the house.  Taking care of a baby is time-consuming.  I guess it isn't if you don't care if your baby cries.  But if you have a heart and it aches when your baby is anything but happy, you exhaust yourself doing anything and everything to keep your baby happy.
  • My dignity went out the door as soon as I went into labor.  Between people seeing me completely naked then (and really not caring) to making a fool of myself to make baby girl smile, I'm pretty sure all coolness that I possessed went out the window and has yet to return.
  • Why does pumping have to be so time-consuming?
  • Why is medical insurance and how much you owe so confusing?
  • I really don't know how people have kids back to back.  Seriously, having an infant is fantastic birth control.  How do people have the time or energy to get busy making another baby when you have an infant at home?
  • I miss my husband during the week especially after he was so awesome like this weekend - cleaning the entire house.
  • Cradle cap is gross and brings out my type-A personality.  It takes all my might not to peel the dry skin off her scalp.  Gross but true.
Picture from the weekend: the cheeks - they kill me.


  1. Totally agree with the cradle cap!! & I think your little sweets is getting more adorable by the day!!

  2. I often wonder how parents have babies back to back as well and I'm not even a parent yet!

  3. She is so cute. One more random thing from me... do you get sick of typing with one hand? :)
    When Jay had cradle cap we took the little brush they had for him at the hospital and scrubbed his head a bunch. he lost some baby hair because of it (and not much has grown back), but he hasn't had any cradle cap since then.
    I felt the same way about being so busy and not showering for the first month and a half. Then I just decided to do stuff. I went to town, I walked with him in the carrier, and realized he was going to cry even if we were at home so I might as well stay sane:) what works for you.

  4. What is cradle cap?

    And I don't understand the whole not-showering thing (I don't have kids). Why not shower when your husband gets home? Or bring her into the bathroom with you (in a carrier of some sort) while you take a quick shower if you are worried about leaving her alone? Help me understand. :-)


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