Sunday, October 24, 2010

Any questions?

I've decided to answer some questions on here that have been asked over and over again.  Maybe my readers (the two of you) have more for me to answer!  Please let me know.  They can be about anything and everything including L's defect.

On the list so far...

Did you know anything was wrong during your pregnancy?
Would any testing have picked up the defect in utero?
What about breastmilk?
What will happen to L's diet after the transplant?
What is her diet made up of right now?
Will L be able to breastfeed after the transplant?

As you can see - there have been a lot of questions.  Let me know if you have any that relate to this, or anything at all.  The floor is open!


  1. I have definitely been wondering how Luca's life will be improved after the transplant - what exactly does the transplant fix? Will her new liver produce the enzyme that her current one does not?

    And I just have to say that she is seriously the most adorable baby ever Katie, I love looking at her pictures and those cheeks!! You guys are so lucky :)

  2. Did you go back to law school this semester or are you taking a semester/yr off to take care of Luca? If you did take the time off, don't fret. I had a friend do it when she had a baby the summer before third year- she came back the following year ready and passed the bar with no problems!

  3. My question - How are you holding up?



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