Monday, October 18, 2010

Random thoughts on a Monday

  • Why do babies necks get so much goop in it?
  • How does L get fuzzies in between her fingers and toes every single day?  Does this happen to all babies, or does L just attract them?
  • Why does pumping STILL hurt?  And seriously, people should tell you what a pain pumping is!  It takes up more than 2 hours of my day.  But I wouldn't change it considering the benefits it has for L.
  • I so wish I could get paid to write periodically.  We need money and writing is something I can do at home.  Even though I have had some crazy things happen in my life (most of which I don't talk about here), I doubt many people would find it that interesting.  Who knows though!
  • Why do we not live somewhere that has beautiful weather like this all year round?  Soooo dreading the colder months ahead.
  • Loving having a cup of cider each day.
  • When does the baby belly go away?  I am below my pre-pregnancy weight but still have a pad of skin and fat on my belly.  Not complaining...just asking when it goes away?
I think that's it for now :)

And because this post needs a little something extra, here's baby girl who thought being burped was sleepy time: (and notice the drool!)


  1. Ha! This picture is too perfect!! P.S. My sweets is 20 months and I STILL find junk in her neck.

  2. Awwww! I love when babies fall asleep while being burped, adorable :) My kids (4 and 2) still get fuzzies in their toes a few times a week, pumping is horrible (nothing else to say about that), I am also dreading winter (southern Manitoba here and in a new development so there are no mature trees to create a windbreak, brrrrr), I think that no matter how much weight you lose the kangaroo pouch never fully disappears. Except if you are one of those women who I am pretty convinced made some mad deal with god or the devil and not only fit their pre-pregnancy, low rise jeans two months after birth but also have a flat tummy that still looks great in a bikini and no visible stretch marks. I despise these women and hate that my best friend is one of them. She won't tell me who she made the deal with though :)

  3. I am loving this weather too! I'm also dreading the super cold months. We need permanent fall weather.

    And I am so with you on getting paid to write! I wish I knew how to do it. You should try to reach out to some bloggers that successfully have been able to do that.

  4. I love your title. I think I may use it for my post to.
    What an adorable picture.
    Jay has gunk in between his toes all the time.
    I pump twice a day on weekdays, and it hurts sometimes, but not others.
    Enjoy fall while lasts I guess:)

  5. Those are all questions I ask myself all the time! My girl always has gunk in her neck, fuzzies in her toes, and actually in her armpits. And I have to pump at work and by the end of the week I am definitely sore from it. Ugh, totally worth it though!


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