Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ways to Induce Labor Naturally

You know I've been doing the Evening Primrose Oil.  I've also occasionally been drinking red raspberry leaf tea (which much to my surprise, does not taste like raspberry).

Any chance I get, I've been eating some things that have some spice.  Over the weekend I had indian food.  Last night, I was really craving meat. We headed to Chaps - a hole in the wall pit beef place.  I put a ton of their tiger sauce (horseradish and something else) on my sandwich.  It was delicious - and while I did have a huge increase in braxton hicks, and even a few real contractions, I'm not in labor.

Today, I had a follow-up chiropractic appointment.  He put me in a chair I hadn't been in before.  Apparently he has to wait until women are close to their due dates to put them in this particular massage chair because it can put pressure on trigger points that may induce labor.  Hook me up!  I sat in that marvelous chair for 20 minutes - it was heavenly, massaging my back in the most perfect spots.

Everyone says sex does it.  I won't really go there on this blog...but I'll just say that we're not ruling out any natural methods of getting this baby out of me.

Quite honestly, I think baby comes when she and my body are ready.  I will no resort to castor oil - just seems to gross to me.  She'll come when she's ready.  I just hope that's soon.  I may try some accupuncture - I've heard good things about it for inducing labor.  In the meantime, I'll continue eating and doing what I can to make sure my body is ready!

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  1. I feel the same way you do. Trying the safe natural methods to get things moving but in the end, our babies will just come when they are ready! I hope you are feeling well and that your little girls decides to come soon!


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