Tuesday, July 13, 2010

39 Weeks

I feel like these weekly check-ins are no longer that exciting.  Let's face it, baby is pretty much finished her growth in there, and we're super excited for the much bigger event that should be happening in the next couple weeks.  Her brain is still growing, as it will continue to do after she arrives.

I feel ready.  At church on Sunday, I kept fidgeting because I could NOT get comfortable.  My type A personality does not do well with not knowing when this baby will come out.  I don't mind if she's late - if only I could just KNOW it.  But clearly, life and pregnancy don't really work that way.  So be it :)

I'm sleeping fairly well considering how large I am.  I'm waking up to pee about 4-5 times per night, but can normally fall back to sleep immediately afterwards.  I'm also taking advantage of not having much to do and I'm napping almost everyday.  Me likey my naps. 

I really have just been spending my time relaxing.  I went and saw Eclipse yesterday.  I loved the Twilight books so I inevitably am excited to see the movies when they come out.  I think out of the 3 movies so far, the 2nd one was done the best.  This one was good but only because I really like the story line.  It was probably a good thing that Ian missed this one.

On today's agenda, I'm finishing some thank you notes and watching some netflix movies.  Anyday now!


  1. It is good that you are getting those naps in, after the baby comes try to keep in mind that napping when he/she naps is important. I have a couple friends who are type A and this concept was very hard for them. They really stressed about cleaning or organizing or focusing on other tasks when the baby napped...you will get to clean again, I promise! Also, the best piece of advice I can give you is....ALWAYS take time for a shower, even a quick 5 minute one. If the baby is fussy just put in a swing or their crib and let them fuss, it won't kill them and you will feel so much more relaxed when you feel clean and refreshed.

  2. I am so excited for you to give birth!

  3. I had a dream last night that you called me to say you had your baby...I even woke up and checked my phone to make sure it was a dream!! Haha :)


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