Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Debatable Topic and a Weekly Check Up

Being married to someone from Europe means that there are cultural differences.  For example, throughout this pregnancy, I have really been a stickler about not drinking, much to Ian's and his family's surprise.  It's certainly more accepted in Europe to continue having a little wine here and there throughout pregnancy. 

Once I found out I was pregnant, I pretty much cut it out of my system.  Once I got to the 3rd trimester, if Ian was drinking wine and he said it was an especially great glass, I'd occasionally take a mini sip just to sample it.  More recently, I've allowed myself to have a 1/2 glass every few weeks.  The first time I did this was at our 2nd wedding anniversary dinner.  I drank 1/2 glass of delicious wine over the span of 2 hours.  Last night, I had about 1/2 glass throughout dinner and my bath afterwards (over about 3 hours).  It got me to thinking, that some women would probably be judging me if they saw me doing that.  Some people are shocked that I would have any, even a sip.  My feeling is that a little bit here and there, especially this late in pregnancy, and with how little I drink over a several hour time span is okay. I'm not doing it everyday, or even on a weekly basis.  My birthing instructor even suggested to have a glass of wine towards the end of pregnancy to help the body relax a little bit. 

EDITED TO ADD: As a sidenote, I cut out just about everything else that wasn't "safe" for pregnancy.  No deli meats, no unpasteurized cheeses, no caffeine (well probably a little bit in my decaf coffee I occasionally have), and really avoided even the occasional tylenol.  This post really only relates to my alcohol intake.

What are your thoughts on the subject?  Have you found yourself to be the strict, none whatsoever type, or have you had a sip here and there?

I had a weekly check-up today and everything is going smoothly.  Blood pressure, weight, and baby's heart rate are all great.  Baby girl's head is down, facing down, and the rest of her body is sideways (which is just about how it should be).  Once again, I opted not to have a cervical check.  It makes the waiting game a little more bearable for me to not know exactly how much progress I have made.  I'm practicing patience, and just trying to relax and let things happen on their own without much stress on my part.  I love that we will get to meet our little one anyday - I can't wait to meet eyes with her!


  1. I am not pregnant (hopefully soon!) yet, but I have already told my husband that I will be drinking while pregnant. Nothing crazy, but one glass of wine is not going to kill the baby. Women in Europe do drink through their pregnancy, so why can't we here in the US? I might not do it out in public though- I can only image the stares from strangers as they think that they know my pregnancy better than me....

  2. I totally think that in the 3rd trimester a glass of wine now and then is well deserved! I would not flinch if I saw a woman who was clearly as far along as you are nursing a glass of wine or champagne. But this might be because I have a strong understanding of how babies grow, so I know that that far along, a small amount of alcohol is not going to cause anything to go haywire or have lasting effects.

    However, I also think that because I've experienced losses, drinking in the first trimester is something I will never risk. I just wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something happened, since baby is so vulnerable to external substances during that time. I know that in Europe it's considered fine, but I wonder if that also changes for European women who've experienced an early loss?

  3. I didn't have a sip while pregnant, but I'm also not much of a drinker when I'm not pregnant so it wasn't hard to give up at all.

    For the most part, I was the strict-none-whatsoever type of pregnant gal. I avoided unpasteurized cheeses/meats, caffeine, sushi (THAT was the hardest for me), certain types of fish, etc. It was kind of a pain, particularly at some of the fancier places we ate that use a lot of unpasteurized cheeses and would have to leave our table to find out about the ingredients for me, but I really didn't mind.

    Although the risks associated with the above are small, especially in moderation, I really had no problem giving it all up for 40 weeks. That small amount of time in my entire life didn't make me feel deprived, and I didn't like the idea of having to deal with the consequences of not heeding the medical advice.

    I try not to judge moms who drink a little while they're pregnant. My old co-worker who smoked like a chimney throughout her entire pregnancy? Now that's a mom I judged.

  4. Ugh @Nanette - I watch a woman who has got to be ready to pop come out of the office that we share an alley with and smoke several times a day. I've been trying to avoid the urge to make a sign that says "SERIOUSLY - shame on you!" and hang it in my window!

    As for the drinking, I think, just like most things in pregnancy, it's totally how a person feels about it personally. I drink quite frequently, but would not be surprised if I didn't have one sip the whole 40 weeks if I got pregnant, just because I usually am just being social. But I also could change my mind :)

    I did have a friend who didn't know she was pregnant the first trimester (long story - she didn't get regular periods at all) and drank the whole time (we even partied for a week in south beach). She was devastated when she found out and was so worried. Luckily, three years later she has a beautiful, healthy boy.

  5. I think a little sip now and again isn't the end of the world!

    I feel like a TON of women don't find out their pregnant until after a day, week or even month of partying pretty hard... and for the most part, they all seem to have normal and healthy kids!

  6. I've opted out of drinking completely. However, I am totally a believer in the fact that it's personal preference and I'd never judge another pregnant woman, especially this far along in 3rd trimester, if she were having a glass of wine.

    I think for me, I got to a point that I went so long without even a sip of wine that I am continuing not to drink on principal alone! I am almost challenging myself. Now, if this little one decides not to come for another 2 weeks I could be telling a different story. I bet your wine was delicious!!


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