Friday, July 2, 2010

Cloth Diapering (Part II)

You can read about our decision to cloth diaper in my Cloth Diapering (Part I) post.

Once we made the decision to go with cloth diapers, we were overwhelmed with the amount of choices there are out there!  Holy moly it's confusing.  Prefolds, pocket, all-in-one, one size, fitted cloth, hybrids, etc.  Where do we even start?

I read up on a lot of different bloggers and what they were using.  I figured we'd likely have to pick a few different kinds we liked and test them out to see which ones work best for baby girl and our style.  But I wasn't sure I wanted to register for them online or not.

Luckily, a friend here in Baltimore pointed us to Soft and Cozy Baby.  It's a new cloth diapering store here in Baltimore (Hampden to be exact) that sells all kinds of brands.  We checked it out so we could see and feel the different types of diapers.

We ultimately registered for several different kinds.  The brands we're trying out are GroBaby (which are now being called GroVia), Fuzzibunz Perfect Size, BunGenius One Size Pocket, and G Diapers. 

I love how far cloth diapers have come.  They are now stylish with all their adorable colors, and much easier than the old fashioned prefolds with covers/clips.  I can't wait to try them out.  Cloth Diapering (Part III) will be coming after baby girl arrives and we have time to try them out!

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  1. We are definitely thinking of trying cloth diapers too. I'm curious to see what brand(s) you would recommend!


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