Friday, June 11, 2010

What's happening right now

I think this might be what they call nesting.  With the pending arrival of baby girl, and the fact that we have some guests coming into town next weekend to stay with us, I have been a cleaning maniac.  Like, down on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor maniac.  Tessa's shedding is driving me more bananas than it normally does to the point that when I'm vacuuming, I kind of get the urge to vacuum her (don't worry, I haven't traumatized her like that...yet).  I have the urge to throw anything that we don't use often into the trash, even if it is useful to have once in awhile.

Right now, I'm taking a break from scrubbing our full bath.  I've already spent an hour in there.  And I'm going back in to scrub the floor once I post this.  Thank God I'm not working right now - I wouldn't have the energy to do this shit after a full day of work.

Also, today marks the start of the World Cup.  Ian and I are both soccer lovers (he is a fanatic - he is from England afterall).  What this means?  The TV will permanently be on the soccer channels so we can get in as many games as possible.  And tomorrow, England v. U.S.  We've been invited to a couple gatherings to watch the game - one is all England folks, the other is all U.S. folks.  We've opted to skip both since we both will likely be tense, supporting our respective teams.  So it'll just be the two of us watching it here - but I had to remind Ian that it's really 2 against 1.  Baby girl and I v. Ian.  She will be American afterall. 

4 years ago during the last world cup, Ian had a pool going at work and I decided I wanted in on it.  Guess who won?  Me!  This time around, he was hesitant to tell me that they are doing another pool.  Well, I pushed my way into this one and I'm hoping that even if I don't win, I at least beat Ian.  He'll never hear the end of it :)

Now, back to the scrubbing the bathroom.

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