Thursday, June 10, 2010

34 Week Check-up

Just got back from my appointment and all is going well.  Measuring just about a week ahead, but considering I was 2 weeks ahead a month ago, and last appointment I was measuring just as I should be, I'm not reading into the measurements very much.  For all I know they are measuring just slightly differently.

Blood pressure and weight are both good.  Baby girl is head down and putting lots of pressure on my bladder.  I didn't need the doctor to tell me the bladder pressure part - I'm pretty sure that's why sitting is pretty uncomfortable.  The only sitting position that's comfortable is on my birthing ball, or sitting completely upright, sitting like a dude with my legs wide.

I found out that at my next appointment I'll have the strep B test, and also have my cervix checked.  That will be the only cervix check before I go into labor (unless I request to be checked weekly).  I am happy that I won't have to be checked weekly.  Honestly, I know even if I've progressed at all, that it in no way is an indication that I will deliver soon.  And the same is true the other way around.  They may check me and I get disappointed that I've made no progress - then I could go into labor and have the baby 2 days later. 

I'm seeing a chiropractor tomorrow to make sure my hips and pelvis are all aligned nicely for baby girl to make her way through.  Apparently, chiropractor appointments the last few weeks of pregnancy can truly help shorten labor and delivery - it allows baby to get into a perfect position.  I'm willing to try whatever natural ways I can to help with delivering a healthy baby, in a less painful way.

Last night we completely rearranged the furniture in her nursery.  I am hoping this rearrangement works out so that I can start hanging all the decorating stuff I have!  But I'm so indecisive, so I may have to try the furniture in a few other ways before we settle on what works best.  Poor Ian - I'm pretty sure he doesn't love that I can't help move anything, and that I keep making him rearrange stuff.  But this is all part of getting ready for baby girl's arrival - and neither of us would wish it any differently!

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  1. I am seeing a chiropractor and have been more months. He was telling me at my last appointment all about how he will be able to hopefully shorten my labor time and even help move the baby naturally should the baby be in a breech position. Hopefully he's right! :) Glad things are going well!


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