Monday, June 7, 2010

A fabulous weekend

We had a fabulous weekend.  Friday started with me picking up my bestest from the airport.  She flew into Baltimore for our college reunion.  We had a yummy lunch at Helen's Garden and then we hung out before I took her to the hotel (with me being so pregnant, Ian and I opted out of going to most of the events so it made sense for her to stay with people who were going to all the events).

Then, Ian and I kicked off the weekend with some takeout healthy food on Friday night.  We had a gift card for a nearby restaurant so we decided to use it and figured we could get more bang for our buck by getting takeout.

Saturday we took the day to completely reorganize our basement.  It was looking like a tornado had come through it.  I'm currently on a mission to find a particular item that I KNOW is in our house, and I desperately need it to complete one of the projects I have for baby girl's room.  Without the item, the entire project falls through, and it's not an item that can be replaced.  So annoying!  I'm praying that it shows up somewhere so I can finish this project.  But me searching for it means that I empty boxes and take stuff out and then just leave it there because I'm too tired to put it all back.  So Ian spent a lot of Saturday undoing the disaster I had created.

We purged a lot of boxes and papers and random things we just can't keep in our house anymore.  It felt good! 

Then, Saturday night we had my college reunion dinner and dance.  Let me tell you, not being able to drink at an event that is sure to have some awkward moments was tough.  I was able to catch up with some of my college friends and all in all, it was a good time!  My belly got lots of love from all of the girls, and my boobs were a reoccurring topic throughout the night.  Apparently, I'm not the only one to notice that they have gotten out of control huge.  Just take a look at the pictures below - they take up half the picture!

I was a trooper and stayed until it ended at midnight.  We got home and I ate a snack and we were in bed by 1:15ish.  That is a super late night for me!  But I figured that I only have a few more weeks of freedom, so I should take advantage of being spontaneous and staying out late while I can :) 

Sunday we got up pretty early and ate a quick breakfast before we headed out to spend the day with more friends.  We actually made separate, back to back plans with 3 different sets of friends.  We spent a lot of time in the car which made me realize that I can't do car rides as comfortably anymore, or at least longer car rides.  But all in all, it was a fabulous day catching up with people we don't get to see very often.  We were out from about 10am until 5:30ish.

A great weekend with lots of friends and spontaneity!  We ended the weekend curled up with both Ian and my hands on my belly, feeling baby girl move like a maniac.  Clearly, she wanted the fun weekend to continue!

Just a few pictures from the reunion:

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