Tuesday, June 8, 2010

34 Weeks

Thinking that baby girl is coming in about 6 weeks (plus or minus some days, I'm sure) is feeling incredibly surreal.  It feels like just yesterday that I was surprised when I looked down at the pregnancy test and saw a plus sign.  I remember talking with Ian in the car on the day we found out we were going to be parents, and both of us saying "we have plenty of time to prepare, 9 months is a long time).  But it feels like time has moved incredibly quickly once we got past that first trimester.

Now, we're in crunch mode, ordering things that we need to get here, trying to finish decorating her nursery, washing some of her basic clothes we'll need right away, etc.  And I still feel like we need a ton, and we need to do a lot.  But I keep reminding myself that people make do with much less, and some families even go into labor so early that they are not prepared at all.  It'll all get done, and we'll be okay!

At 34 weeks, our love is about 5 pounds and is almost to her full length.  Now, she gets super active when I'm hungry and when I first start eating.  But about 1/2 hour into eating, or right after I finish eating, she is in a total food coma.  Hey, I can't blame her, sometimes I feel like I need a nap after I eat.

Me, I'm still doing well!  Very little swelling that only occurs at night.  I've been active in the house - cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, organizing, throwing stuff out, and cleaning some more.  I figured out that baby is still head down, but is sunny side up we think.  For those who don't know, baby needs to be facing towards my back for a quicker, easier, less painful labor.  So I've been doing exercises to try to get her to face the other direction.  These types of exercises include not sitting comfortably on a couch, but sitting on my birthing ball anytime I'm sitting, or sitting in a straight back chair.  I also do exercises on my hands and knees which is recommended.  Yesterday, I even spent a lot of time cleaning the floors the good, old-fashioned way, on my hands and knees.  I cleaned the baseboards on the first floor and vacuumed using the hand attachment so that I could continue to be on my hands and knees. 

Tonight is our last birthing class.  It feels like we should have more classes - not because I do not feel prepared, but because we're still a little ways from her due date.  I have really enjoyed the class and it has helped build my confidence for a smooth delivery.  It has reassured me that I can do this, that my body can do this.  For that confidence, I am so happy I took this class!

Will post pictures late tonight or tomorrow!

I have a bunch of posts in the line-up...stay tuned!

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