Friday, June 4, 2010


Ian got home from work early yesterday (I *love* when that happens!).  I quickly had him sign off on some medical papers that I had to get in the mail.  Then I chased down our mailman who had already passed by so I could get everything out.

As I was walking back to our steps, I took a deep breath (hey, don't judge, doing anything quickly gets me out of breath these days).  I smelled someone's charcoal grill cooking what had to be hot dogs.  Suddenly, I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner.  So we looked up hot dog joints on the internet, and found one in Fells Point.

We headed to Stuggy's to try it.  It's new and has only been there for a month or so.  I ordered an all beef hot dog with mustard and ketchup, a side of fries, a pickle, and it came with a soda.  I rarely eat that badly, especially as I'm making sure to get good, healthy food in my system for baby girl's growth.  But there's something about the smell of hot dogs cooking on a charcoal grill that gets to me.  I really love the idea of this place.  All of their sodas are old fashioned (think creme soda, birch beer, black raspberry).  They have ice cream floats.  They have old fashioned candy.  And the hot dog menu is really extensive.  You can get dozens of toppings. 

We got our food home and dug in.  The hot dog was kind of tough, but had really good flavor.  I'm thinking if you get the smaller hot dog that it wouldn't be tough.  The fries were delicious.  I'd definitely go back if I was craving a hot dog, especially since the place is so cute.  But I'd try the smaller hot dogs next time to see if it's a little more tender.

Check it out - they stay open late so I'm sure they have a very good late night crowd of drunkies.


  1. i would be careful with hot dogs if I was pregnant. just a little psa. glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Sounds like great fun. I love hot dog places and most especially the ones that sell old fashioned soda. Always a fun place to go on a summer friday night.


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