Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Conversation from Last Night

Ian and I were laying in bed last night, talking about baby girl's arrival.  I mentioned that I want to go ahead and book a photographer for her newborn photos and was giving him the information I had received yesterday.

Me: Yeah so I want to go ahead and set it up.  She'll only be this little once and I want some beautiful pictures to document it.

Ian: Okay that sounds good.  When will we book it for since we don't know when she's coming?  And what exactly are newborn photos?

Me: I'm not sure about the timing - I'll have to touchbase to figure that part out.  The photographer will come to our house and take lots of cute pictures of her, and probably quite a few of you and me with her.

Ian: Oh no.  Do I have to go shirtless?

WHAT?!  I don't think that's part of newborn baby photos, honey.  Sometimes, he says the strangest things that make me laugh hysterically.  I love my hubs.

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  1. I am in tears from laughing so hard!

    I think you SHOULD have at least one photo of Ian shirtless with the baby. :-)


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