Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

As part of our birthing technique, we are supposed to listen to a 20 minute relaxation cd everyday. We can listen to it as we're going to sleep, and if we fall asleep during it, it's okay as long as you start getting into the relaxation first.

Well we've been trying to do it every night for over a week.  And by trying - I mean that I have been doing it without Ian because as soon as I turn that sucker on, Ian is OUT.  He falls asleep immediately.  As in, he doesn't even make it through a full minute of the cd.

On Tuesday night at our second birthing class (which was great by the way), we did a relaxation exercise.  We were told to bring a yoga mat and pillows to be comfortable.  We both laid down and got into comfortable positions.  Ian and I were holding hands as we started the exercise.  The exercise consists of the instructor walking us through a scenario and you following along in your mind (and sometimes you move a certain body part, like your hand or foot or something).  I was holding onto Ian's right hand about 10 minutes into this relaxation exercise, when we were instructed to lift our right arms.  When he didn't move, I realized he had already fallen asleep.  In class.  In a room full of people.  Realizing what had happened, I gave him a nudge.  It's one thing if he falls asleep in the comfort of our home, in our bed.  But we're on an office floor and in class at 8:00pm. 

That exercise was a waste for me, as I kept coming out of relaxation/hypnosis because he was freaking flinching in his sleep.  And because we were laying so close, every time we were instructed to do something and I could feel that he wasn't doing it, I was getting annoyed.

On the way home I expressed my annoyance that I've been doing these exercises for over a week now, and he has yet to get through more than 5 minutes of one.  He tried to excuse it by saying the relaxation cd must really work - yeah, BS! 

So last night, he started the cd earlier than me in an effort to try to stay awake.  He made it through 3/4's of it before falling asleep.  Progress!!  But then he had the nerve to say this morning that if he were the one carrying the baby, that he'd probably sleep through labor as long as the relaxation cd was on repeat.  Hmmm, I don't think so honey.

It's a good thing I'm carrying this baby because at least hopefully I'll be prepared for this labor (unlike sleeping beauty).


  1. Oh Ian!! This totally reminds me of something Carlton would do. Boys will be boys. You guys are too cute. xo

  2. Haha you guys are so cute! Yay for progress!;)

  3. This made me laugh out loud! Ian totally reminds me of Jeremy. Jeremy falls asleep to the strangest sounds (like the engine of a plane! While I'm white-knuckling the seat and practically crying... he's fast asleep before we've even taken off).


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