Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pain in the butt...literally

Yesterday, I started getting a slight pain in my butt.  Throughout the day, it seemed to get worse and worse.  By last night, the pain was radiating from my lower back all the way down my butt.  I looked it up, and it seems like it's sciatica, which is quite common during pregnancy.

I mentioned on Tuesday that I was scheduled for my first appointment with the new midwife group.  Well, they ended up needing to postpone the appointment to Saturday because they still hadn't received my records from the old OB's office.  Annoying - but it also means that Ian will get to go with me on Saturday so it's fine.

I'll be sure to talk to her about the pain in my butt.  I read that it typically means that the baby has moved into the proper position - head down - and that the weight of everything presses on that particular nerve and it causes pain.  If the pain means baby girl is in the right position, then I'll deal with it!

Pregnancy certainly makes for some bonding moments with husband that I never thought I'd experience.  He gave me a long lower back and butt massage last night because of the horrible pain.  The whole time...he was giggling.  I guess all of these funny (although somewhat embarrassing moments, remember the peeing story?) bonding moments are just preparation for that huge moment when baby comes out and hubby sees things he can never prepare himself for. 

Ahh, the joys of pregnancy :)  I wouldn't trade it.

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  1. haha! I can picture Ian giggling about this... but he is part of the reason you're in that pain. :-) He owes you!


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