Thursday, May 6, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel

The BIG paper was turned in on Tuesday and I finished my first exam yesterday.  As I turned in each of these pieces, I felt a little weight lift off my shoulders.  Along with that relief, I've felt a little happier.  I've been feeling a little more like myself the closer I get to finishing the rest of my exams.  Two more exams to go, and then I can devote all of my attention to Ian and Tessa, and this adorably active baby girl.  I am so incredibly excited!!

In baby related news, I've been looking for some cute thank you cards.  We've been accumulating more baby things from friends and family and I must get some thank you cards sent out.  Have any websites you'd recommend for baby related thank you cards?  Or any etsy sellers with cute baby thank you cards?

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  1. My friend justJENN has some great ones - Although those are custom, you could easily ask her for some with no names.


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