Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Diaper Bag

There are so many different styles, materials, sizes, and additions to diaper bags it's insane!  I remember reading a post long ago on Nanette's blog about her diaper bag choice.  It also happens to be the company she works for.  When we got pregnant, I went back and found that post (along with a lot of other helpful information on baby stuff - thanks Nanette!) and held onto it for when we'd be looking for diaper bags.

I couldn't decide if we wanted to spend the money on such an item.  After all, there are tons of diaper bags that are much less expensive.  But, after showing Ian the demo on Ju-Ju-Be's bags, we were completely sold.  Here are some things that stood out to us:  these bags are incredibly durable so will make it through all of our kids, they are made to fight germs which is awesome since I'm a germaphobe, they are washable (let me repeat that I am a germaphobe), and they are so well organized.  Plus, they have some super cute designs.

I thought we'd have to order it directly from their website, but while we were registering, I was super excited to find that they have it at BBB (Buy Buy Baby).  And they have the design we want!  Surprisingly, I thought the hubs would want the plain black or brown one, but he wanted some type of design.  We picked one that we can use even if we have a boy (it is a bit girly, but I figure it has to do more with mom and dad than matching baby's gender).  I'm the type of girl who LOVES getting stuff to help be organized (school supplies, stuff from the Container Store, etc.), so I can't wait to be using this!

When all is said and done, we have on our registry this one (photos from


  1. I don't know much about diaper bags, and I haven't researched (yet) but I would figure it's something you are going to use almost daily, so it's a good idea to get the one you want! I'm glad you were able to register for it!

  2. (I left a comment last night, but it's missing. Strange.)

    That's an excellent choice! That's my favorite print, and that's one of our best-selling styles!!!


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