Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Worst Luck Ever

So.tired.  I am delirious.  As you know, I did my citizen duty at jury duty today.  Well, of all the people to be selected to serve as a juror, I was selected.  Ugh.

The courthouse is hot so I was sweating my ass off.  Then you add in that I hate being around strangers because of the germs.  Then, on top of that, you're in a Baltimore City courthouse with everyday Baltimore people all around you.  If you live in Baltimore, hearing that will probably make you cringe.  The bathrooms smell gross and with my pregnancy bladder, it meant I took too many trips there.

After 11 hours at jury duty, I had to race to school and am now sitting in class for 2 hours.

I will miss class again tomorrow to continue at jury duty.  Can you sense my enthusiasm? 


  1. Bah! That is the worst. Every time I hear about Baltimore I always think of the TV show "The Wire". I sure hope you weren't surrounded by those kinds of people! I am surprised they didn't let you off the hook since youre pregnant.... I was lucky and got out of it, but I guess I am also married to a cop so they thought for sure I would be biased. At least you're off the hook for awhile though!

  2. That sucks! I got a jury summons last week and I am really hoping I'm not selected!

  3. Banana - You're so lucky you can get out of it!! I think I probably could've gotten out of it because I had to pee many times during the trial, making them take breaks. But they weren't bothered by it apparently!

    Carrie - Hopefully you won't be selected. Fingers crossed!


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