Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow brings out the stupid

Tuesday, Baltimore got its 2nd big snow storm in less than a week.  Mother Nature dumped another 20 inches on top of the 30 inches we already had.  Our street still hasn't seen a plow since the first snow storm started a week ago.  Needless to say, cars have not been getting out of our street - we are quite literally stuck.  Tuesday night, I talked to the city snow plow men as they drove by a cross street and they said they were going to try our street.  Well, that led to them getting stuck for about 20 minutes, and almost hitting 2 cars in the process.  They decided not to plow our street after that, but instead said they'd be sending a back-hoe (whatever that is) to dig through the snow.  That was Tuesday night, our street still remains untouched.

I was happy, however, that the day we started getting the 2nd snow storm, I convinced Ian that my car could handle more than he thought.  So once he got home from work that day, he watched as I drove my car straight through the 2 feet of snow, without so much as a struggle.  Luckily, my car was parked at the last spot next to the cross street, so I just pulled through about 10 feet of the tall snow onto the cross street.

While everyone was busy digging out yesterday after the 2nd snow storm had finished its damage on Baltimore, Ian and I decided to take my car to Home Depot to get some stuff for some house projects.  It was then that I realized, snow brings out the crazy/stupid in people.  People, just because you have 4-wheel drive (which we do too!) does not mean you should be driving as if there is not snow on the roads.  It's icy, slushy, and even 4-wheelers are having trouble.  Slow the f*** down.  Also, I'm pretty sure little sports cars, or other little cars that have no space between the ground and car are likely to get stuck - get off the roads.  Also, most 2-lane roads are down to about 1.5, so to those assholes who have 4-wheel drive (not all of them are assholes, there are some out there who are driving totally appropriately!), most of these assholes happened to have pick up trucks for some reason, STOP trying to fly by other cars in that 1/2 of a lane.  Geesh, no wonder why there have been so many accidents! 

And I have one last example of stupidity.  I mentioned above that our street hasn't been plowed.  We do not live on some main busy street.  Also, we live in the city, so even if you can't use our street, you can go to the next one to get where you need to go.  Well, at 11:30pm last night, I couldn't fall asleep because some car was stuck in front of our house and all I could hear was the screeching of tires as they spun.  I got up, looked out the window to find some little car trying to go down our street (and it wasn't someone parked on our street, obviously people parked on our street are going to have to go on it to get out).  Why, why, why, would you willingly turn onto our street seeing that there is probably 30-40 inches of snow??  Today, sitting by our front window, a directv van is stuck, and I've witnessed about 3 other cars turn onto our street, only to get stuck.  So much for a plow ever getting to our street - once they see stuck cars, they won't be able to come down our street!

Enough ranting from me. 

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  1. Not only have I seen this idiots flying down the road (in SUVs and pickup trucks) - I've seen quite of few of them on their cell phones while doing it!


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