Thursday, February 11, 2010

17 Weeks

In some ways, it seems like this pregnancy is flying by, but then I think about it, and I'm not even halfway to the finish line and holy crap, that's a long way still to go.  I'm just happy I'm feeling pretty good!!

The only update I have is that I *think* I'm starting to feel the baby.  Just some little flutters here and there.  But when I feel it, it is so incredibly exciting.  When we lay down for bed, I pull my shirt up above my belly and Ian sits with his hand on my belly, urging the baby to kick hard enough for him to feel it.  I think we have quite a few more weeks until that happens - but he's desperately wanting to feel the baby.  Awwww.

I've been having a sweet tooth - anything fruity or citrusy that is also sweet - yummmmyyy. Lemonade, lemon bars, fruit popsicles.

I know I mentioned a couple weeks ago that my belly just felt chubby, well it feels even chubbier now.  I'm still waiting for it to look like a baby bump instead of chub!  When did you officially look like you had a baby bump?  I'm pretty positive that people would just think I have a belly right now - nobody has asked how far along I am.

I haven't weighed myself the past week - I'm pretty sure I've gained another lb or 2.  But I've decided I'm going to hold off on updating my weight progress - it feels a little overwhelming to me to be consistently gaining weight, especially after the unexplained weight gain that occurred during the year prior to getting pregnant. 

Baby is now about the size of a large yellow onion - about 5 inches from crown to rump, and between 5-7 ounces. 

Here are my 17 week pictures (and most of the ones Ian took, I hated for some reason, so I took some myself).  They're all from different angles, with me doing various things to the shirt to try to show it more or less.  And holy crap, my boobs take up half my torso.


  1. Yah! You look great! Soon enough you won't be able to see your feet ;)

  2. You look fantastic! Love the baby bump :)

  3. I think it definitely looks like you have a baby bump, not chubby at all!

  4. I don't think it looks like chub - I think it looks like a baby bump!

  5. Thanks ladies - you make me smile!


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