Friday, February 12, 2010

17 Week Checkup

I called the doctor this morning to reschedule my appointment that I had to cancel on Monday because of the snow.  They said they could fit me in today, so I already went and am home again (yippeeeee).

Everything is right on schedule and all of my numbers are good (weight, blood pressure).  My uterus is in the exact position it should be for how far along I am, which means that baby is growing right on schedule. YAY!

After a quick listen to baby's heart (sounded great, and as always is music to my ears), I was back out the door and heading home.  I love these quick visits with good news to report.

And what's even better, I got my doctor's slip to schedule my appointment for the BIG ultrasound.  I called and just made it - March 1st will be a very big day.  I can't wait to see Baby - fingers, toes, face.  So freaking excited!  Oh, and we will be finding out the gender - getting excited!!

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