Monday, February 1, 2010


You get two posts in one day - watch out now.

Well, late afternoon on Friday I started getting some weird pains in my belly - right about where baby is.  It was kind of a quick stab for about a second, then gone.   But I have gotten it off and on, in the exact same spot throughout the weekend.  I debated calling my doctor - but I read my little handy-dandy information sheet from them that describes when you're having an emergency, and without any other symptoms besides the pain, I decided to hold off. 

It feels different from the mild crampiness I've had almost the entire pregnancy (totally normal especially for first time pregnancies - it's from the uterus stretching).  And it doesn't feel muscular at all.

I have a call into my doctor as of this morning and am waiting to hear back.  My next doctor's appointment is in another week - that's a long time to wait to make sure baby is okay.  I know I'm not quite as worried since I am in the 2nd trimester - but I am still nervous.  I'll let you know what the doctor says.


  1. I'm sure everything will be ok - There's a lot of stuff changin' and shiftin' and god knows what else!

  2. Is it on one side versus the other? This may be TMI - but I get pains in my lower left quadrant from constipation. Its from gas/hard stool just chillin down there. When this first started happening I totally thought it was a gyn issue, but an ultrasound only revealed some stool that really needed to be evacuated, lol :P

  3. Thanks Stac! I am thinking everything is fine - just nervous still.

    Ally - Actually constipation is one of the few symptoms I am lucky not to be experiencing. I think my prenatal vitamin is preventing me from having that issue (it was rated amazingly well on lots of sites)!

  4. I hope the cramps go away. I bet it's nothing out of the ordinary. I'll be thinking about you and hoping everything goes well.


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