Thursday, January 7, 2010

Restaurant Review: Indigma

I love indian food.  I really had never tried it before Ian came into my life.  He loves spicy food, and me being the non-spicy food kind of girl, I was skeptical.  But he assured me I'd like it.  We got takeout once, and I was sold.  I don't love super spicy food - I can handle japanese spicy, and some thai spicy, but I dislike mexican spicy or chinese spicy.  I think it's the difference in that the former two categories are spices, while mexican and chinese spicy are normally made with peppers.

Anyways, in both places we've lived - first in Rockville and now in Baltimore - we've had a standby Indian restaurant for takeout nights.

In Baltimore, our standby carryout is Akbar in Mt. Vernon, and whenever we try a new place, I normally end up slightly disappointed.  After hearing a few people talk about Indigma, we decided to try it this week.

I became friends with the woman on the phone who helped me order.  She was super nice.  I hadn't told Ian about talking with her so when he came home, he asked "Did you have a long conversation with the woman on the phone?"  I asked why.  Apparently she was super nice and asked him to sit and have a drink while he waited for the food - and even threw in some dessert for free.

We unpacked the food and I was slightly disappointed - the portions are tiny in comparison to what we're used to.  Mostly, they need to pack more rice for you.  Part of the reason we love indian food is that we normally have leftovers.  We have some sauces leftover - but no rice!  We got chicken tikka masala - and it was amazingly good.  I think I might even like it slightly better than our standby.

We also got samosas - they were okay.  Our second entree was chicken mazadar - which I didn't enjoy as much as I did the tikka masala.  Overall, we'd definitely eat from here again - I will just be sure to order more rice next time!  And I would've been happy if the prices had been less than our standby place (since we aren't getting as much food), but the price is just about the same.

Now, we'll have two standbys!


  1. I have yet to try Indian food - it's on my 101 things in 1001 days list - so thank you for providing two recommendations! (Akbar is actually right near my work, I might just have to pick some up on my way home one night - what dishes might you suggest?)

  2. Definitely ask for more rice (and believe me - they are very accommodating!).

    I like to call this place "upscale indian". I like it - but I'd pick Akbar over it most of the time.

  3. From A to Pink - You should totally try it! If you're trying it for the first time, I recommend going with something milder like chicken tikka (it's like a grilled chicken dish) or chicken tikka masala (the same grilled chicken, but it has a creamy tomato sauce on it that is awesome over the rice). Also, I love vegetable samosas - it's an appetizer that has pastry filled with potatoes and other veggies and spices.

  4. Kim - I will definitely ask for more rice next time. And I agree - I would probably choose Akbar most of the time.


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