Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Thanks so much for all the support!

I figured I'd try to answer the questions I've been asked by people through here, email, facebook, and in person.
  • How are you feeling? Well, from about weeks 6-11, I faced waves of nausea on a daily basis.  I never got sick which was a relief (since throwing up is my biggest fear - really!).  I also felt like a truck had hit me - I was (and am so tired).  Going through exams proved to be difficult - but I was really lucky that my exams were scheduled for afternoons.  It isn't so much that I want to sleep all the time, but more that I don't feel like leaving the couch.  The exhaustion is supposed to lighten up in the 2nd trimester, so I'm just waiting for the day that I can think of things I want to do that day, and actually have the energy to do so.
  • We didn't know you were trying! This is a super wierd comment that we've gotten a lot.  It's not so wierd from our bestest friends, but from friends I don't talk to often, it's a little odd.  And I think I made it perfectly clear in the post yesterday that we were not trying.  We were obviously planning a family, just weren't planning to start it right this second.  But things have a way of falling into place, and we are so blessed to be starting a family so soon.
  • When are you due? The baby is due July 20th.  July is FULL of birthdays for us: my brother, Ian's brother, my goddaughter, Ian's dad, and my grandfather's.  We have lots of people hoping it happens on their birthday.  My grandpa's birthday is the 21st, so that seems the most likely and that birthday would be kind of neat for me.  I have never met that grandpa (he passed away before I was born) - but somehow I've always felt a connection to him.
  • Anything surprising so far? I didn't know how due dates were calculated until I looked it up online when I got the positive home-pregnancy test.  For those of you who don't know, the doctor measures how far along you are by the number of weeks since the first day of your last period.  So even though baby wasn't conceived until after that date, that's the start of your pregnancy.  Weird right?
  • Any cravings? When I first found out I was pregnant, I craved red meat like it was my job.  Actually, a few days before I was pregnant I kept craving cheeseburgers (not a meal I eat often).  But then, I started prenatal vitamins and I think since my iron intake was taken care of through the vitamins, I stopped craving red meat.  Now, I think I will see something on TV, or see someone talk about a meal on a blog, or smell food outside, and think I have to have it.  And until I fulfill that craving, I want no other food.  There have been many last minute trips to the grocery store (by the hubby) to get something for me so I can get rid of a craving.  He's such a good hubby.
  • Any food aversions? Yes.  Once I started the prenatal vitamins, and the nausea started, I was completely turned off of all meat except chicken.  The smell of any meat besides chicken would make me gag.  Those weeks of nausea had me wanting plain foods - potatoes, plain pasta, bananas, toast, chicken.  And tomatoes - which I normally LOVE - I'm not into at all.  I pick the tomatoes off of salads - it's something to do with the texture.  But cooked tomatoes in sauces are fine.
  • Baby bump yet? I am starting to show.  I think I'm at a point where I just look like I have a fat belly.  The belly expands throughout the day, and by night time, Ian often stares in amazement at how big it looks.  To me, I just feel chubby right now.  I'll be super excited when I show a little bit more and it really looks like a baby bump.  And I will start posting weekly bump photos next week probably!
  • Have you gained any weight? Luckily, nope!  In fact, I've continued to lose weight.  I'm down about 8-9 pounds.  I'm not allowing myself to get too excited about this one because I know it will change very shortly.
  • Have you had to start wearing any maternity clothes? No - but I'm close to needing a belly band.  I can basically only fit into 2 pairs of pants now - and they are being held together by a rubber band looped through the button hole.  I think I'll be shopping for a belly band this weekend, and maybe some new clothes that I can layer for the spring.  I did buy a couple plain tank tops and short sleeved shirts just because my shirts were feeling a little too clingy, and because with the rubber band holding my pants up, I need longer shirts because my pants ride down a little too low in the back when I sit down.  Ahh - the joys of pregnancy :)
If I am missing any questions, or you think of any more, ask away! 

Currently, our baby is about the size of a peach, and like a peach, is growing little fuzzy hair all over its body to keep it warm.  It will lose the hair once it develops enough baby fat (SO cute) to keep warm.  Also, his/her eyebrows and hair on the head is forming.  I can't wait to see our cutie at the big ultrasound at about 18-20 weeks.  I can't imagine what he/she will look like in comparison to the ultrasound we received at 8 weeks!


  1. Fun!!! I can't believe you haven't gained any weight - I weigh more than I ever have in my life and I'm only 6 weeks :( Lucky you that you've managed to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes this whole time!

    PS Peach fuzz is SO cute to think about :)

  2. Are you going to find out the gender? (Or did you already cover that somewhere?)

    So exciting!

  3. Haha - I feel kind of bad about asking if you were trying! However, it is a big step for me in terms of etiquette because I used to ask, "ooh - was it an accident?" :-)

  4. I feel ya on the throw up thing - I have a serious phobia about it. Not sure what I'm going to do if I ever have kids... Glad to hear you've bypassed that so far though!


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