Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Coming Around

I was kind of a weepy mess last week due to my great-aunt's hospitalization. Since she is a nun, her 'sisters' make sure that someone is with her at all times in the hospital. I called to her room and had the sister put the phone up to her ear. I heard her breathing the whole time while I told her I love her and want her to get better. She didn't respond whatsoever.

As of Thursday, the doctors weren't feeling very good about things. She was no longer opening her eyes. But still, they couldn't find out what was wrong.

One of her sisters went to visit on Friday and walked into the room and my aunt was standing near the sink all by herself. She called her name and my aunt turned around and said "yes?" The nurse came in and they helped get her back to bed. But my little 88 year old aunt, is still fiesty as can be, always surprising us. Evidently, the railings were up in her bed but she had managed to climb over them and wheel her IV pole over to the sink. Since then, she's been alert, talking and up and about.

They transferred her to a convent's hospital yesterday and the doctors think she'll make a pretty full recovery. Still unsure of what happened, they are saying she had a stroke based on the symptoms. She can speak but sometimes her sentences go to gibberish. Honestly I don't care what happened - I am just so happy she's still with us. It simply wasn't her time.

And that guilt I had - I'm going to make sure I get rid of that guilt. We are heading to visit her in 3 weeks! And in true Cyrilla style, she's been watching her beloved Yankees in the hospital room. I'm sure she's bitter she can't wear her jersey and hat!

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