Friday, September 18, 2009

Cloudy Friday

A busy weekend ahead!

We have Annie and Brad's wedding tomorrow (which I'll have pictures and a post about on Monday!) and on our way home from the wedding (we're spending the night there) we have Elena's first birthday party! And not that we can plan around it, but the birthday party happens to interrupt my watching of the Redskins game so I'm pretty sure we'll either be going slightly late to the birthday party. Also, somewhere in between all of that we have errands to run and presents to buy for upcoming birthdays for friends.

So with all of that to get done, I'm glad I don't have classes today. But the past few Fridays I have had trouble getting much done - I just get distracted with enjoying the day, outside, running errands, playing with Tessa. So when I woke up today, I was somewhat happy it's overcast - less temptation to go and play.

But also, I don't think I mentioned a little incident that happened to my car a couple weeks ago. I had my endocrinologist appointment about 25 minutes from my house and then grabbed lunch and headed straight to school from the appointment. I got to school and parked in the garage. I turned off my car and went to the driver's side door to pack my things up and throw on a little makeup. After that, as I was leaning into the car to grab my bags, I noticed a puff of smoke come up into the car. I stepped back, very confused and noticed more smoke coming up along the windshield on the inside of my car. The garage guy came and said my car was probably overheating. But my darling hubby, who happens to know a thing or two about cars, told me over the phone to do some things to determine if it was my engine overheating. It wasn't. So Ian came and followed me home that night and took it to work the next day. He checked it at work (he works in the car industry) and they figured out the problem. Something to do with a part that controls when you switch from AC to heat to defrost, etc. And the best part - it's super cheap to fix! Even better.

The part has come in and off to work my car went with him today. That long freaking story is to say that I also happen to be carless today. He left his car for me, but when I drived it 2 weeks ago for the first time in like two years. It's manual, and although I used to drive a Wrangler that was manual, it's very different than his little manual car. So when I drove it a couple weeks ago - it did not go so well. So I'm stuck at the house today. With no food in the house I might add (errands that I wrote about above - food shopping).

So today, I'll be doing lots of work, stuck in the house, trying to make food out of condiments I think. I'm so ready for the weekend!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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