Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello, is anyone out there?

I am not sure if anyone is still out there, but I'm back! I am trying to get caught up on all any news I've missed from blogging pals - but if I haven't written on your blog and you have big news, fill me in! I don't really know what happened, but I just didn't get around to blogging because I've been enjoying my summer! I have to say that nothing too crazy occurred over the past 2 months, but I'll try to pick up where I left off.

Now where was I? Ahh yes, our 1st anniversary celebration! It seems like we had been talking about our first anniversary for months, and then poof, it was over before we knew it. With me not able to take vacation time, we knew we'd only be able to go away for the weekend as opposed to doing a big week long vacation. After we dropped Tessa off at my mom's, we drove through the beautiful country (and lots of rain) to a little place called Washington, Virginia. It's in the middle of nowhere, and the town's main street is about 1/4 mile in length. I have always raved about a restaurant there but knew we'd have to go for a very special occasion. We decided this was the perfect occasion and I am SO happy we went there.

We checked into a beautiful bed and breakfast called Middleton Inn, where we stayed in an adorable rustic cottage. The Inn had 2 yellow labs and 2 horses - and I adored all of them! We then went Gadino Winery where we had lots of! We sat out in the sun and drank a glass each after the tasting.

Afterwards, we headed back to our B&B where I took full advantage of the extra large bath tub while Ian took a nap. Once we were all ready, we took a 5 minute walk to the restaurant we had been anxiously waiting to eat at: The Inn at Little Washington. We arrived and started looking at the menu while we had some champagne, and found that the restaurant had printed on the front of every menu a congratulatory message to Ian and I. Much to Ian's disappointment, the reservation was under my last name, so it said "To Mr. and Mrs. [Katie's last name]. Regardless, the gesture was lovely. The food was phenomenal. I wish I had the menu handy to give you a list of what we ate. But my mouth it watering just writing about it!
On our way out of the town, we stopped by Gray Ghost Vineyards and had one last glass of wine before coming home. It was a fabulous weekend, and since I's so late writing about this, I'm excited to say we are only 10 months away from our 2nd anniversary, when we can hopefully have just as an amazing weekend as this was.
Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Wine tasting #1:

The Inn where we stayed:

Our cottage:

Me and my cute hubby at dinner:

The view from our cottage:

About 20 feet from the front of our cottage, there were two horses. We walked back to our cottage from dinner at about midnight. I kicked off my heels and strolled over to the fence. Sure enough, both horses made their way over to Ian and I. It felt like a movie moment - the stars were out, it was silent as can be, and there we were all dressed up, petting horses. I loved it!

Here's the chef (who had just brought us breakfast in the cottage) playing with one of the labs:

Winery #2:

When we got home, we made a delicious dinner and then ate the top layer of our wedding cake. And surprisingly, it was exactly how it tasted on our wedding night!

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