Monday, August 31, 2009

Boobs and Bras

Today, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to talk about boobs and the devices we call bras that really are just ways to keep said boobs perky. As I've gained weight, my bras have truly not been fitting. I've been getting the 4 boobs look (where too much is sticking out of it), or the bra just feels uncomfortable, and sadly, they haven't been looking or feeling perky. I have been a 34C for over 6 years, but realized with the weight gain that I think some of it has gone to the boobs. I needed something to LIFT and SEPARATE if you know what I mean.

I decided to go and do the dreaded: getting measured at a store to find the right size. I went to a department store and walked up and asked if there was someone who could measure me. This little woman, the bra nazi, nodded and said follow me (in a very thick accent). I walked to a dressing room where she quickly measured me and said: 36. Okay fine. Then she measured for the cup size - D!! WTF!! I can't possibly be a D! So I proceeded out of the dressing room after saying thank you and picked out several bras to try on - some in 36C and some in 36D.

As I'm back in the dressing room, minding my own business while I try on my bras, the bra nazi comes back and asks how things are going. She jiggles the handle of the door to try to COME IN! Not wearing even a bra, I quickly put a bra on and opened the door. She looks down at my boobs and says: What size? 36D I say. She says - YES, you a D. Wouldn't you know - the 36D fit pretty perfectly.

HOORAY I thought. Not so fast. Did you know that companies don't make cute bras for those with larger chests? I searched and searched for any bra that looked somewhat cute and didn't make me feel like a 75 year old (no offense to 75 year olds. I'll be glad to wear one of these bras at that age - but I'm only 26). Ian helped search and he had no luck either. So I ended up buying 2 bras (and got a 3rd for free!) that are quite ugly. Sorry hubby - my boobs may look good with clothes covering the bra, but once the clothes come off, not so hot. (By the way - it seems like I am the only one disappointed by the growing breasts - Ian - not so disappointed.)

And good God - all I could think of yesterday when I heard D was how big my boobs will be once I get pregnant. I might need a crane to help lift those puppies. So any of you larger chested ladies out there - what types of bras do you recommend??


  1. Oy, I feel your pain. I'm a 32C/D (depending on the manufacturer)and not many stores carry my size. So then I have to pay a lot of money for one bra. Does not make me very happy at all. You should try Fredericks of Hollywood for a sexy bra. Yes, some of their stuff is skanky, but they make some nice stuff for larger chested girls :)

  2. I'm right there with ya! I'm a 34D and absolutely DESPISE bra shopping - it's never a fun experience. So many people say they'd kill to have big boobs, but change their minds once they go bathing suit/bra shopping with me. I've found DKNY and Calvin Klein to carry some relatively attractive (and very wallet-friendly) bras. Also, I'm officially delurking! I, too, live in Bmore and have been reading your blog for a little while now. I just started my own and would appreciate any tips you may have for a new blogger!

  3. La Petite - I will certainly have to check out Frederick's because these grandma bras aren't doing it for me!

    Fromatopink - So glad you delurked! I love newbies! I will have to check out your blog. My suggestion is to read lots of blogs and leave comments - you'll get ideas from many blogs and this also helps you gain readers! Welcome! And thank you for the brand suggestions - I will have to check them out on my next bra shopping excursion:)

  4. Haha - well I'm sure the hubby's pretty happy despite the unfashionable bras. :)

  5. Did you know that companies don't make cute bras for those with larger chests?

    Why yes I did, and I hate them for it! I'm also a 36D and have never found a cute bra in my size. Especially one that has any kind of structure or support. So if you come across anything, please share it with me!

  6. I am officially going on record as saying I hate all of you.

    Try being on the exteme opposite end of the bra dilemma. Find me a bra that isn't suited for a 12 year old!

    And while I'd like to think I'll get breasts when I'm preggers, I've learned from other itty bitty titty committee members that the boobies just shrink back down... and then I'll be able to look forward to PANCAKE BOOBS.

    Ugh - i'm getting depressed.


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