Friday, April 10, 2009

Thanks Honey

At a recent softball game (I sat out since I was sick), this is the conversation that took place between Ian and I. Ian had just come off the field and was waiting to kick.

Me: Honey, you're having a really good game.

Ian (as he is standing behind me, he leans down and whispers): You have a lot of gray hairs back here.

Thanks honey. I guess law school is taking its toll in the form of aging my hair. I'm only 26 yet have quite a bit of gray hair all over (thanks to my Dad for those stinking genes - he was 30 and almost all gray). My brother is 31, and he is already all salt and pepper. But damnit, he still looks handsome with it. I hate that about guys! Gray hair, no big deal - guys are just hoping for gray instead of balding. My mom, on the other hand, didn't start graying until late 40's. She starting coloring her hair in her 50's. Clearly I didn't inherit her hair genes.

I think the worst part is, my gray hairs are wire-y - like REALLY wire-y. I've thought about going back to coloring my hair since the grays seem to be growing at a very rapid rate. But my hair is deceiving - it's actually super fine and color fades very quickly - so I absolutely have to get it colored every 8 weeks if I do that route. And hello - with the economy the way it is, and school loans, that route is just not possible at this time. So the gray hair must stay for now. I'm just hoping some time in the sun will make them a little less visible. Anyone know any tricks for getting the wiry-ness to go away, or become less, um, wire-y? Considering most of my readers probably don't have premature aging like I do, I don't expect many responses to this (you lucky bastards).


  1. awww, i found my first real grey hair yesterday, i know the feeling, normally i can just tell myself its a really blonde piece of hair, but this one is def very grey :-\ i guess we are growing up!

  2. I've found just a few gray hairs (I think, Jon swears they were blonde), but my problem is with finding wiry BLACK hairs. What the heck? They're always coarse and thick and totally stand out in my medium brown with blondish/reddish highlights hair.

  3. I have a few grey hairs. Don't fret!

  4. Very happy to hear I'm not the only one finding grays!


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