Monday, February 2, 2009

No Wonder

I mentioned that I had gotten a bike for Christmas. I've been riding it a couple times per week and have managed with bike with Tessa a few times. Mostly, I stick to the park near our house to avoid any crazy drivers. I've been doing well, but, as most my loved ones know, I happen to be a little clutzy. Okay, maybe a lot clutzy.

I had mentioned to Ian that I wanted to start biking to school in the warmer weather since it's only 3.5 miles from our house, it would cut down on gas and parking costs, and also ensure that on days that I can't make it to the gym I can get some type of exercise in. Also, it would save me lots of time since driving takes about 20-25 minutes, and since I spend about 20 minutes walking to and from the parking garage. Ian and my mom (who was there at the time that I mentioned the bright idea) both agreed that maybe I'm not the best person (with my clutziness) to be maneuvering through downtown Baltimore.

Well, last night I suggested that Ian and I get up early and go for a bike ride before work with Tessa. She's generally very good and excited to be running while we bike. About 30 seconds into the park, she sees a dog, a german shepard to be exact, that is on a flexi lead and pulling its owners every direction possible. Note - if you have a small dog, these leashes can be great. But they do not offer very good control over your dog and inevitably your dog ends up walking you -hence why I don't like owners that use them for their big dogs if they can't control the dog! Well Tessa decided it would be fun to yank me and while I desperately tried to break or regain balance, I overcompensated and fell pretty hard. Tessa immediately came to my side, ears pinned back, tail tucked between her legs as I fussed at her.

And sadly as I was falling, I thought of the image Ian was seeing as he was riding behind me. Damnit - he saw all of it. He came running up, genuinely concerned, but as soon as he knew I was A-okay, I knew he'd start imitating or making fun of me. I don't know if I'll live this one down. And I'm now thinking that riding to school may not be such a good idea afterall.


  1. I wish Ian could have been a part of your ski experience..... enough said :)

  2. Both you and Ian bike now? We should totally bike together!

    I've been contemplating changing things up in my life and it could potentially mean biking more.


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