Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fill in the Blanks

So I realize that I haven't quite mentioned anything that happened while I stopped blogging. Honestly, it's a huge blur. But, there are some highlights:
  • I turned 26 surrounded by lots of friends and loved ones. We had a party here at our house and had a blast! But holy moly did we have a lot of leftover desserts - I was sending goody bags home with everyone.
  • I did a charity bikathon at a wonderful gym. My law school has a program that sends students to New Orleans and other areas closeby that area to help out the local public defense offices for a week over winter break. I had been really interested in going but couldn't make the decision. Instead, they held a 3 hour spinning class where I raised 1 dollar for every minute I was there. I was sore for days afterwards too!
  • I joined the BEAUTIFUL gym where the bikathon was held! MAC Wellness. I had really been interested in joining a gym, and then I saw it and was convinced I wanted to join it. But the prices are outrageous! So I worked some negotiating skills and walked away when they gave me too high of a price. Within a week I got a call and they lowered the price per month, plus cut out about 75% of the enrollment fee. SCORE! Oh and if you're interested in joining me there, I can bring friends! Or if you want to be referred there and decide to join, use my name - it'll save you some money (and me too).
  • I've gained a lot more weight. As in, since August or so, I've gained about 15-17 pounds. This one is not a highlight! It's incredibly frustrating. People - I am eating so healthy day in and day out, am managing to work out a few days a week. What is the deal?! This is what I ate yesterday: Breakfast - bowl of Kashi lean crunch cereal, 2 cups of coffee (no sugar - only 1 equal), Lunch - Salad with tomatoes and a couple chunks of feta with a vinegar dressing, side of 1 cup of carrots, Snack - protein bar, Snack - 1 slice of raisin toast, Dinner - steamed salmon (1/2 tsp of olive oil, salt pepper, basil, lemon) over salad. I did have dessert - 1/2 cup light vanilla ice cream. Anything sound crazy in there? Well that's about right for what I've been eating, but for dinner we normally switch it up a bit. I have bought a couple new pairs of pants because literally I've outgrown everything! All of this is also why doctors are searching for some answers.
  • We picked out our wedding photos for our album. We are now just waiting to get the layout from our photographer!

I am sure I will come up with some other things to tell you. But really, my life has been overtaken by lots of school work. Exams came and went in a flash, although they were overwhelming at the time. We've gone out to some new and some of our favorite restaurants in the area like Cinghiale, Akbar, Regi's, Jack's Bistro, and probably many more I'm forgetting. Oh and I got a bike for Christmas. I don't feel comfortable enough riding it very far, but we've gone up to the park a few times and I'm loving it. It's been a pretty good few months!

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  1. I need to lurk more before I can DElurk! But, I was thinking.. maybe your metabolism has changed now that you're in school and out of your old routine. Stress can do a number, too. I find I always go up a pant size (or two) when I move into a new place, or start a new internship/job. Hang in there, it will come off!


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